Hooligans Zine

Hooligans is an eccentric zine that collects thoughts, attitudes and outlooks on topics ranging from oddities, individuality, creativity and everything in-between. Hooligans is a salute to the strange and the curious. The first zine introduces the topic of rationality. It explores the psyche and individual perspectives on dealing with everyday mental obstacles.

 Zine 1: Ramblings From the Peculiar

Hooligans_1 Hooligans_2 Hooligans_3 Hooligans_4 Hooligans_5 Hooligans_6 Hooligans_7 Hooligans_8 Hooligans_9 Hooligans_10 Hooligans_11 Hooligans_12 Hooligans_13 Hooligans_14 Hooligans_15 Hooligans_16 Hooligans_17 Hooligans_18 Hooligans_19 Hooligans_20

I’m afraid this is the end of the project.

Don’t worry, you can find more projects here