J+S Wedding Invitations

I had the pleasure of designing wedding invitations for James and Sarah’s big day. They wanted invitations that were sophisticated and elegant but also ultra-modern and clean.

Black stock and gold foiling was chosen to bring a sense of opulence and luxe to the invitations. The wedding invitations were packaged in a gold coloured slip that was neatly branded with the couples personal logo.

J+S Wedding Invitations_1 J+S Wedding Invitations_2 J+S Wedding Invitations_3 J+S Wedding Invitations_4 J+S Wedding Invitations_5 J+S Wedding Invitations_6 J+S Wedding Invitations_7 J+S Wedding Invitations_8 J+S Wedding Invitations_9 J+S Wedding Invitations_10

I’m afraid this is the end of the project.

Don’t worry, you can find more projects here