Mörkvalley Microbrewery

Identity design and Branding for Mörkvalley Microbrewery. The name Mörk originates from the Norwegian word ‘dark’. The name draws inspiration from the signature style dark ale brew produced within the microbrewery. Mörkvalley has a relaxed but sophisticated vibe, the concept was to keep the brand simple and honest. Brand components consisted of, logo system, brand identity, menus, exterior signage, beer bottle packaging and website design.

Morkvalley_01 Morkvalley_02 Morkvalley_03 Morkvalley_04 Morkvalley_05 Morkvalley_06 Morkvalley_07 Morkvalley_08 Morkvalley_09 Morkvalley_10 Morkvalley_11 Morkvalley_12 Morkvalley_13 Morkvalley_14 Morkvalley_16 Morkvalley_17 Morkvalley_18 Morkvalley_19 Morkvalley_20 Morkvalley_21 Morkvalley_22 Morkvalley_23 Morkvalley_24 Morkvalley_25 Morkvalley_26 Morkvalley_27 Morkvalley_28 Morkvalley_29 Morkvalley_30

I’m afraid this is the end of the project.

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