Muddled – Independent Publishing

Muddled is an Australian based independent publishing platform that is dedicated to seeking out the uncomfortable, the taboo and the unexplained. With the intentions of pushing the boundaries, Muddled explores all subjects with an open heart and mind. They share their findings with their readers through a catalogue of books, magazines and journals.

I worked with Muddled to develop a comprehensive brand identity that displays their professionalism and dedication and an overall visual language influenced by simplicity. This extended across business card, stationery and web.

The Problem
The definition of Muddled is something that is not arranged in order, not clear, coherent or confused. The client wanted an identity that was the complete opposite of what the name implies. They seeked a brand mark that was clean, simple and professional. The thing about Muddled is they let their publications do all the talking, with intricate illustrations, bright colours and eye-catching headlines. It was essential that the logo would not steal the show, but be a strong mark the business could proudly stand behind and a solid foundation for years to come.

The Solution
From here a logo was established. A no frills wordmark that is bold, tight and works simultaneously across a range of mediums. While the logo represents the professionalism of the business, punchy colour, eccentric illustrations and bold typography used throughout the publications deliver personality to the identity.

MUD-006-Web_01 MUD-006-Web_02 MUD-006-Web_03 MUD-006-Web_04 MUD-006-Web_05 MUD-006-Web_06 MUD-006-Web_07 MUD-006-Web_08

I’m afraid this is the end of the project.

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