The Romanov Family Execution

A self-initiated project on the Romanov family execution. A 12 page publication which explores the rise and fall of the Tsar of Russia and the devastating end to the Romanov dynasty.

Romanov_1 Romanov_2 Romanov_3 Romanov_4 Romanov_5 Romanov_6 Romanov_7 Romanov_8 Romanov_9 Romanov_10 Romanov_11 Romanov_12 Romanov_13 Romanov_14 Romanov_15 Romanov_16 Romanov_17 Romanov_18 Romanov_19 Romanov_20 Romanov_21 Romanov_22 Romanov_23

I’m afraid this is the end of the project.

Don’t worry, you can find more projects here