The Trilogy – Lana Del Rey

Self-initiated project on three songs known as ‘The Trilogy’ from Lana Del Rey’s second album ‘Born to Die’.

The Trilogy_1 The Trilogy_2 The Trilogy_3 The Trilogy_4 The Trilogy_6 The Trilogy_5 The Trilogy_7 The Trilogy_8 The Trilogy_9 The Trilogy_10 The Trilogy_12 The Trilogy_11 The Trilogy_13 The Trilogy_14 The Trilogy_15 The Trilogy_16 The Trilogy_17 The Trilogy_18 The Trilogy_19 The Trilogy_20 The Trilogy_21 The Trilogy_22 The Trilogy_23 The Trilogy_24 The Trilogy_25 The Trilogy_26 The Trilogy_27 The Trilogy_28 The Trilogy_29 The Trilogy_30 The Trilogy_31 The Trilogy_32 The Trilogy_33 The Trilogy_34 The Trilogy_35 The Trilogy_36 The Trilogy_37 The Trilogy_38 The Trilogy_39 The Trilogy_40

I’m afraid this is the end of the project.

Don’t worry, you can find more projects here