The Wheel Studio

The Wheel Studio is a local bicycle shop that specialises in bicycle sales, maintenance and parts. The studio carries an extensive range of bicycles ranging from single-seat, upright bikes, to more specialised types such as tandem, recumbent and folding bicycles.

The brief was to create a brand that was modern and clean. The client did not want the identity to be just another bicycle shop logo and it was my task to create a brand that stood apart from the rest on a limited budget. From there an identity and brand roll-out was developed.

The Wheel Studio_1 The Wheel Studio_2 The Wheel Studio_3 The Wheel Studio_4 The Wheel Studio_5 The Wheel Studio_6 The Wheel Studio_7 The Wheel Studio_8 The Wheel Studio_9 The Wheel Studio_10 The Wheel Studio_11 The Wheel Studio_12 The Wheel Studio_13

I’m afraid this is the end of the project.

Don’t worry, you can find more projects here