Why should you have a bathroom vanity installed?

Why should you have a bathroom vanity installed?

A vanity is a cabinet that holds the sink and provides adequate space to keep cleaning products, makeup supplies, and other everyday essentials. A vanity is typically installed in the bathroom. On rare occasions, however, is a vanity built in the bedroom. A bedroom vanity can hold beauty products and other essential everyday supplies, but it does not hold a sink. There are different types of bathroom vanities. However, the benefits of a bathroom vanity are universal regardless of the kind of vanity you have built in your bathroom. In this post, we discuss the said benefits of bathroom vanity.

  • Saves on space
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Before the establishment of bathroom vanities, bathroom essentials and supplies would be stored on the shelves in the bathroom. The downside to storing bathroom essentials on a shelf is that you would need several shelves to get enough space for your supplies. With a bathroom vanity, you have all the space you need. Bathroom vanities feature drawers where the items can be stored. The vanities also feature shelves that provide extra space for storage. Since the vanity holds the sink, it is located beneath the sink hence does not take up a lot of space in the bathroom as regular shelves would.

Bathroom vanity units are customarily mounted onto walls; this means that they can be built even in small bathrooms. The homeowner decides the width and length of the vanity unit. This means that the owner can decide on a size that suits the space elements of his or her bathroom. 

  • Aesthetic value

Bathroom vanities improve on the appearance of the bathroom. Not only are the cabinets attractive to look at, but the drawers and helves help to keep bathroom supplies in order and out of sight hence enhancing the appearance of your bathroom. Vanities can also be painted over to match the aesthetics of the bathroom, which also promotes the overall aesthetic beauty of the bathroom.

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Bathroom vanity units feature a variety of finishes. This means that you can choose a style or design that suits you and matches the interior design of your bathroom. 

The cost of bathroom vanity units

Different designs feature different prices. Some of the most expensive bathroom vanity units are customized vanities. Having a custom vanity unit installed in your home may cost you up to several thousands of dollars, depending on the specific features and materials of the vanity. 

Cheaper vanity units cost as low as a hundred dollars. Factors that affect the cost of a bathroom vanity unit include

  • The material of the bathroom vanity unit
  • The size of the vanity unit
  • The design of the vanity unit 
  • Features of the vanity
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Some of the items that you can store in your bathroom vanity unit include toiletries (soap, mouthwash, and toothpaste, toothbrushes, detergents, face wash, facial products), hair products (conditioners, shampoos, moisturizers, dyes), towels, shower or cleaning supplies, and electronics like hairdryers, flat irons or a hair curler. You can also store jewelry and a first aid kit in a bathroom vanity.